Official Dementia Friend – 25/07/17

On this day I took an induction course through Alzheimer’s society in order to become a dementia friend. I mean I have had experience as a Health Care Assistant with dementia patients in a hospital for a year but only now, as I’m volunteering with dementia patients, have I become a dementia friend. Long time coming you might say! 

So anyways, after the whole introduction (involving confidentiality, abit about Alzheimer’s society and a low down on dementia) we had a 40 minute session that you needed to take in order to become a dementia friend. I recommend it people! You get free tea/ coffee and biscuits and all you need to do is play a game of bingo providing you with a wider knowledge on dementia. If you can pass a course for a great cause involving you getting freebies and a game of bingo it’s always a winner right?! 


Tea program – 23/07/17

This title doesn’t sound very interesting and you’re probably right in thinking that this anecdote won’t be interesting. However, this video amused me… ​

…why did it amuse me I hear you ask? Seems like the most boring video I’ve ever seen in my life and you watched a full hour of it you saddo! Well.. here’s the thing right – the guy that works in the tea factory is just talking quite pleasantly and quietly whilst Gregg Wallace (the presenter) is shouting back at him at a much louder decimal! It’s quite funny as he is coming across aggressive. THAT’S A BAD DESIGN?!?! I’m not sure he’s able to deal with background noise too well…

Wow that post was lame, sorry for wasting your time 😂

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Panthers and Peaches – 22.07.17

It was in the early hours of the morning on this date that my boyfriend sent me a little message to say that he got a ‘wee panther’ tattooed on him. This comment didn’t bother me in the slightest as he has already had so many tattoos and another small tattoo wouldn’t cause him too much bother….

tattoos for calvesHowever, this is not what I would describe as a ‘WEE PANTHER’?! This ‘WEE’ tattoo was also done all at once! Is he trying to give me palpitations?!

Much later on, on the same day, I went out with my sisters, my boyfriend and friends to a club. In the middle of the night this song came on which was basically someone singing about eating a lot of peaches which was peculiar. However, what was more peculiar was the fact that this guy came up to me and said “hey lady, do you know where the f*** I am?”. To which I replied,  “the club, warehouse”. He then chortled “what the f*** is a warehouse?!”. You would think that seeing as this club is called warehouse that he might realise that he was therefore in a warehouse! I always attract silly conversation?!

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If you like Pina Coladas! – 21.0717

…But not so much getting caught in the rain.

Just a miniature funny anecdote for today. Sorry I am not doing a very good job with my blogs!

Pina Colada 2

I’ve been hanging out with my mum and sister today and these are the Pina Coladas that she made us.

Mum didn’t have three of the same glasses but stated she wanted one that was similar.

This is what she chose…

Pina Colada…yes very similar mum.

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Real Interesting – 20.07.17

Some really spectacular things happened on this day…


Sorry to get your hopes up, I really wish there was something of note to say but sometimes nothing major happens yanno?

I mean my day was nice. I was volunteering, then at work and then went to celebrate my friends birthday at Bella Italia but nothing random happened really.

Although, one thing I found funny was the fact that my friend at work received a card for her birthday which said ‘best wishes’ on it. The thought was definitely nice but it did kind of make it seem like she was leaving work.

Also, I didn’t mention where I work but I work at an afterschool club and we were having a party for the end of the year. We had set up a tattoo stall (not real obviously calm down guys) and I think I let the kids get carried away with the amount of tattoos they could have…whoops. Some kids had two or three tattoos on their face and tattoos all the way up their arms! I am sure the parents appreciated it…

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Inconvenient Flood Timings – 19.07.17


As you can see I got soaked. How you ask?


It all started fine. Just a normal day at work. I was going about my day as normal. However, the later it was getting, the greyer the skies looked. It was almost six o’clock (my finishing time) and we’d managed to get away with very little rain so I thought I might make it home before it started raining properly.

Then. All of a sudden. Just as the clock struck 6. BAM! The heavens opened?!?!?!

I had no car to drive home in and by foot it takes twenty-five minutes to get home. But, I had no choice! So, I started running and about 3 miniscule seconds into it I was absolutely drenched (waterproof coat on and all)! By this point I decided to walk and by the time I reached the car park (10 seconds from work) I was wading through water! Further down the road drain pipes had burst and water was spurting out of them like fountains?!

…And surprise surprise, just as I was reaching home 25 looonnnngggg minutes later, the rain began to stop.


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Praise or Criticism? – 18.07.17

I volunteer at a hospital serving food and drinks and helping with feeds where possible.

Today I was serving food to a patient with dementia. Now I realise, having previously worked with dementia patients, how serious the condition is and I have a big heart for wanting to find a cure for it. However, this is just a light hearted story that perhaps reflects more on my inability at times with communication.

At the time I was serving this particular patient their food they were pre-occupied with the fact that the bed wasn’t made and that because no-one else had done it (although I am sure it was made earlier whilst staff were getting them dressed for the day) they needed to do it there and then. I didn’t want to disturb the patient from their bed making duties so I quietly placed the food on their table and left to serve others their food.

Later, I came back to give this patient a coffee (their ultimate favourite drink forcing us to make it decaffeinated) which was greatly received and I was thanked profusely for it. Additionally, at that time, I was also asked about what food was on their plate. So, I explained and was once again thanked profusely. However, there was mention of a certain member of staff who was not up to scratch as they did not explain the food that was dumped on the patients’ table. And guess who that member of staff was…ME! He’d forgotten that I had been in the room at all?!

It’s hard to say whether I should’ve felt pleased or disappointed in myself in this particular situation!